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How does Christmas for Christ work?

Christmas for Christ is an annual offering received during the Christmas season that supports church planters in North America.  Our goal is to raise $5 million dollars.  Here's how it works:

  • Every church should set a special day to bring their best offering to Jesus. The official date is December 22, 2019, but can be altered according to the local need.

  • Every pastor should promote this to their congregation at least three weeks before the offering date. One of the most effective ways is to show our Christmas for Christ stories. Another effective way is to use Christmas 'cards' for Christ. Find out more on our CFC Resource page.

  • When the offering is collected, please send it to your District UPCI office by February 14, 2020.

  • 40% of each District's offering stays in the District and is used for promotions, funding and allocations to church planters in the District. 60% is sent to church planters all over North America.

Short videos from Christmas for Christ recipients

Middleburg, Florida

Calgary, Alberta

W. Hartford, Connecticut

St. Helens, Oregon

Oxford, Mississippi

Louisville, Kentucky